Gull Lake Idol

All contestants must be 21 or over with valid ID

Performance is judged on singing, stage presents and overall presentation

Entry Fee of 10 dollars due the night of, before you sing

Pre-registration encouraged guaranteeing spot in contest.  Those who do don’t pre-register will be at the mercy of time to sing for each night.

All personal music must be pre approved one week prior to your singing. Please email for approval.

Judges decisions are final.  Any form of complaining or dispute will eliminate you from the competition or further competitions.

You must arrive 25 minutes before the competition on your scheduled day to sing if pre-registered.  If not pre-registered there may not be time for you to sing the night you show up.

Judges can stop the performance if lude or improper behavior is being displayed (judge’s discretion)

Costumes or wardrobe are recommended not mandatory but could affect overall score.

2 winners from each night will be announced at the end of each night and you must be present to go on to the next round.

One audience choice contestant will be picked every night for a second chance in a wild card round.

Only one song will be sung per contestant on the qualifying round nights.

The wild card contestants will pick songs out of a hat that the judges have chosen.  A list of the wild card songs will be available after the first night so that contestants aren’t completely surprised.

Prize will be paid out in Cash at end of event.